Equipment List


Canon 1DX
Canon 5D mk3

Canon 500mm F4 L
Canon 100-400mm L mk2
Canon 24-105mm L
Canon 17-40mm
Samyang 14mm F2.8
1.4x Canon Teleconverter
2x Canon Teleconverter Mk2
Gitzo 3541 XLS
Wimberley Gimble Head


About Me

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Hi there and allow me to introduce myself,my name is Ross Forsyth and I have been a keen photography for many years now begining in the days of 35mm film with a Zenith camera and a 300mm Tamron lens.
Having rediscovered my love of photography after the turn of the century with the arrival of Digital DSLrs I now find all my time taken up with either taking pictures,looking for things to photograph or trying to get through the back log of pictures already taken to edit!

I live in Edinburgh,Scotland which as you can imagine allows for many photographic opportunities many of which I have still to discover.
Wildlife in recent years has begun to take over from my other photography but I still enjoy a day standing on a hillside waiting for an all to rare fast jet at low level.

Travelling is a great passion and in recent years Alaska and Yellowstone in particular have been my holiday destinations with great scenery and even better wildlife photography at hand.

I really hope you enjoyed looking at the images on my website and found something of interest to maybe even have you check back for more.


Ross Forsyth


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