Japanese Snow Monkeys

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Having watched documentaries over the years showing "Snow Monkeys" in Japan I had to make sure I could make a visit to Jigokudani near Nagano in the mountains northwest of Tokyo.After travelling across Japan from Mito we were greeted with sunshine is we made the trek from a car park down the mountain to the hot springs where the Monkeys gather.Although these animals are very human aware they are still wild monkeys and we saw somewhere in the region of 100+ animals many of them either juveniles or females with newborn babies clinging to their belly wherever they went.An absolutely fantastic day spent here taking well over 1000 images and I`m glad to say I will be returning here in February next year to capture them in their element when surrounded by snow!  

snowmonkeys/5DRF9398.jpg snowmonkeys/5DRF9463.jpg snowmonkeys/5DRF9484.jpg snowmonkeys/5DRF9356.jpg
snowmonkeys/5DRF9289.jpg snowmonkeys/5DRF9286.jpg snowmonkeys/5DRF9272.jpg snowmonkeys/5DRF8102.jpg
snowmonkeys/5DRF9223.jpg snowmonkeys/5DRF9015.jpg snowmonkeys/5DRF8956.jpg snowmonkeys/5DRF8803.jpg
snowmonkeys/5DRF8532.jpg snowmonkeys/5DRF8265.jpg snowmonkeys/5DRF8154.jpg



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