Sea Otters

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Sea Otters,hunted almost to extinction for their furs,then threatened my the oil spill caused by the Exxon Valdez have now made an amazing recovert and can be found throughout the Kenai Peninsulas coastal areas,these Otters were all pictures in and around Kachemak and Tutka Bay. A big thank you to my new friend Jay for taking us out on his boat to make these shots possible!

seaotters/alaskaseaotters201312.jpg seaotters/alaskaseaotters201311.jpg seaotters/alaskaseaotters201310.jpg seaotters/alaskaseaotters201309.jpg
seaotters/alaskaseaotters201308.jpg seaotters/alaskaseaotters201307.jpg seaotters/alaskaseaotters201306.jpg seaotters/alaskaseaotters201305.jpg
seaotters/alaskaseaotters201304.jpg seaotters/alaskaseaotters201303.jpg seaotters/alaskaseaotters201302.jpg seaotters/alaskaseaotters201301.jpg

The image to the right was taken during my day trip Kayaking in Tutka Bay,a wonderful experience with some wonderful wildlife sightings,unfortunately as can be seen the rain was rather heavy and was like this for the duration (5 hours!) meaning this is one of the few pictures I got the camera wet for!



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